Person Centred Planning

A Care Homes charity organization's area Manager friend asked me to create a Wall Poster depicting their 'promotional and training models' for display in team meetings etc.  He wanted a style not too cartoony that can transfer easily as separate diagrams.  He showed examples of the kind of chart graphics needed together with the info needing artwork.  I then penciled roughs and scanned them into Photoshop to make a template for use in Illustrator where I worked up the individual pieces then basically it was a simple matter of 'flower arranging' my info-graphic presentation -

I hoped my interpretation was instantly digestible, however his response was ..My marketing manager's now is seeing it differently to me and has the insight needed, I am more artistic rather than practical..  He lead me to believe he was supreme commander!  Anyway, needless to say I was suckered by an ol'friend and we both learned our lesson.


  1. I take it the marketing manager having "the insight needed" means he is going to do it himself.
    One word - 'Powerpoint'. Is that two words? Oh well here's another - 'spreadsheets'.
    Microsoft office = death of creativity.
    In the hands of executives and managers these basic tools become WMDs (Weapons of Mediocre Design).
    Clipart anyone?
    I bet the marketing manager's favourite font is Comic sans, in "cornflower blue" of course.
    Laverly info graphics Jim

    1. You got the right drift between the lines there, Johnny.
      Reckon it was a case of 'Design by Committee'.
      Never again!
      Always good to hear from you, thanks.


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